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Advantages and disadvantages of steel pipe penetration testing
Date:2021-07-26      Views:97Time      Label:Advantages and disadvantages of steel pipe penetration testing

Advantages of penetration testing

a. Various materials can be detected; metal, non-metal materials; magnetic and non-magnetic materials; welding, forging, rolling and other processing methods;


b. High sensitivity (0.1μm wide defects can be found)

c. Intuitive display, easy operation and low testing cost.

Disadvantages of penetration testing

a. It can only detect defects in surface openings;

b. Not suitable for inspecting work-pieces made of porous loose materials and work-pieces with rough surfaces;

c. Penetrant testing can only detect the surface distribution of defects, it is difficult to determine the actual depth of the defect, so it is difficult to make a quantitative evaluation of the defect. The detection result is also greatly affected by the operator.

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