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Advantages of coated steel pipes
Date:2021-07-29      Views:100Time      Label:Advantages of coated steel pipes

Plastic-coated steel pipe is based on ordinary carbon steel pipe, and the inner and outer walls of the pipe are coated with thermoplastic plastic with excellent chemical stability. It is a special chemical compound pipeline after being processed by anti-corrosion process, which can effectively prevent the corrosion phenomenon of the acid and alkali salts contained in the chemical fluid medium on the pipeline.

1. Hygienic, non-toxic, no fouling, no growth of microorganisms, and guarantee fluid quality.

2. Resistant to chemical corrosion, soil and marine organisms, and cathode stripping.


3. The installation process is mature, convenient and fast, similar to the connection with ordinary galvanized pipes.

4. Good weather resistance, suitable for harsh environments such as desert, saline and alkali.


5. Smooth tube wall, improve delivery efficiency and long service life.