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Advantages of direct buried heating pipeline technology
Date:2020-04-22      Views:313Time      Label:Advantages of direct buried heating pipeline technology

1. The project cost is low.

Double-control directly buried heating pipelines can generally be constructed at a lower cost than trench laying projects.


2. Low heat loss and energy saving.

Because the direct buried insulation pipe uses polyurethane rigid foam plastic as the insulation material, its thermal conductivity is much lower than that of other commonly used pipe insulation materials in the past.


3. Anti-corrosion, good insulation performance and long service life.

Because the rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer is tightly adhered to the outer skin of the steel pipe, it prevents the infiltration of air and water, and can play a good anti-corrosive effect. And the outer polyethylene shell or glass fiber reinforced plastic shell has good corrosion resistance, insulation and mechanical properties.


4. It occupies less land, has faster construction, and is beneficial to environmental protection.

Directly buried heating pipelines do not need to build huge trenches, but only need to bury directly buried pipes underground, which greatly reduces the project footprint and reduces the amount of earthwork excavation by more than 50%.