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Application fields of food sanitary thin-walled stainless steel pipe
Date:2020-09-02      Views:238Time      Label:Application fields of food sanitary thin-walled stainless steel pipe

The polished thin-walled stainless steel pipe inside and outside on the one hand can be the water supply pipe used for drinking water pipes. It can transport cold water and hot water. This is installed in the water supply pipes of various buildings. The effect is very ideal and can meet the needs of users. It is safe and pure to avoid the consequent pollution of water.


On the other hand, the thin-walled stainless steel pipes polished inside and outside can be used as food equipment pipes, milk products (milk, lactic acid bacteria, cheese) equipment pipes, pharmaceuticals (particles, powder, liquid) production and processing pipes, cosmetics (skincare products emulsion) Equipment management, biological engineering equipment management, winemaking equipment use, etc.