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Benefits of using thin-walled stainless steel pipe
Date:2020-03-30      Views:315Time      Label:Benefits of using thin-walled stainless steel pipe

1. After the pipe is inserted into the pipe, it can be pressed with a special clamping tool and the connection can be completed in an instant. The complicated threading operation during thread connection is not required, and the pre-processing and post-processing operations during welding are not needed, and the comprehensive cost of pipeline construction is greatly reduced.


2. Compression type pipe fitting series products use special compression tools. As long as attention is paid to construction essentials, anyone can operate and ensure uniform quality.


3. No fire source is used at the pipeline construction site, and the construction safety performance is greatly improved.


4. No cutting fluid or other accessories for thread connection are needed, nor a series of fluxes for welding connection. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider the various effects brought about by these additives.


5. Because the stainless steel pipe is thin-walled, it has a large flow compared with other pipe types, and it is particularly obvious for the light-weighting of super high-rise buildings.


6. Applicable to cold water, hot water, drinking water and clean water pipelines of various civil buildings.

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