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Development of Galvanized Seamless Pipe Industry
Date:2020-03-23      Views:88Time      Label:Development of Galvanized Seamless Pipe Industry

With the growth of new China, China's hot zinc seamless pipe industry has made brilliant achievements in the past 70 years, built a complete and complete industrial system in the world, and continuously improved its competitiveness. There is still a certain gap between the modernization level of China's galvanized seamless pipe industrial chain and the developed countries in Europe and the United States. Promoting the modernization of the industrial chain is a difficult and systematic project. It is necessary to consolidate the basic capabilities of the industry, strengthen the coordination of the industrial chain, and comprehensively improve the control and leading ability of the industrial chain.


Cultivating enterprises.

Establish a corporate gradient cultivation system, cultivate a group of internationally competitive enterprises, as well as individual enterprises in subdivided fields and "specialized and special new" small giant enterprises, and promote coordinated industrial development. Adhere to enterprises and entrepreneurs as the main body, let the market play a decisive role, and promote the combination of guidance and market mechanisms. Promote the transformation of industrial policies from differentiated and selective to inclusive, and treat all enterprises equally.


Promoting the merger and reorganization of enterprises.

In accordance with the principles of market-oriented operation, corporate ownership, and guidance, combined with the elimination of excess production capacity of galvanized seamless pipes and deepening regional layout adjustments, the reform of mixed ownership was used as a breakthrough point to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and promote the implementation of cross-cutting by leading enterprises in the industry of galvanized seamless pipes. Industry, cross-region, cross-ownership mergers and reorganizations, forming a number of super large iron enterprise groups and specialized backbone enterprises.

Promoting the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream of the galvanized seamless pipe industry chain.

Support upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to strengthen industrial coordination and technical cooperation, promote industrial integration, strengthen strategic docking, and increase the resilience of the industrial chain. Promote the harmonious development of large and small enterprises, play the role of large enterprises, and promote the upstream and downstream information sharing, open cooperation, and coordinated development of the industrial chain. At the same time, encourage SMEs to participate in the research and development of key common technologies in the industry and continue to improve the level of collaborative innovation in the industrial chain.


Increasing the construction of industry associations and intermediate institutions.

Give full play to the organizational and professional advantages of associations and intermediaries, help enterprises connect various resources needed for development, provide market development and information consulting services, and serve as a bridge and lubricant between enterprises and, enterprises and the public, and enterprises and enterprises. Role, for the stabilization and improvement of the galvanized seamless pipe industry chain.