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ERW Steel Pipe
Date:2021-09-24      Views:78Time      Label:ERW Steel Pipe

The biggest difference between ERW steel pipe (Electric Resistance Welding, ERW for short) and seamless steel pipe is that ERW has a weld seam, which is also the key to the quality of ERW steel pipe. Some people divide the seamlessness of ERW steel pipes into geometric seamlessness and physical seamlessness. Geometric seamless is to remove the internal and external burrs of the ERW steel pipe. Due to the continuous improvement and improvement of the structure of the internal burr removal system and the cutter, the removal of internal burrs in steel pipes of large and medium diameters has been better treated. Physical seamless means that there is a difference between the metallographic structure inside the weld and the base metal, which causes the mechanical properties of the weld area to decrease, and measures need to be taken to make it uniform and consistent.


The high-frequency welding thermal process of ERW steel pipe caused the temperature distribution gradient near the edge of the tube blank, and formed characteristic regions such as melting zone, semi-melting zone, overheating structure, normalizing zone, incomplete normalizing zone, and tempering zone.


High-quality ERW steel pipes not only cannot identify the weld, but also have a weld coefficient of 1, matching the structure of the weld zone to the base metal. In recent years, various natural gas pipeline network projects and gas companies have widely adopted ERW steel pipes as the main steel pipes of urban pipeline networks.