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Fast Band-Aid for Repairing Pipeline
Date:2021-09-26      Views:83Time      Label:Fast Band-Aid for Repairing Pipeline

The fast band-aid of the pipeline has excellent performance and is quick and easy to use. It can not only play an emergency repair role, but also achieve a solid purpose.


It can be widely used in the pipeline system of electric power, industry, agriculture, natural gas, oil field, mine, transportation industry, service industry and even government schools and residents' homes.


It can be used for PVC pipes, rubber products, steel pipes, metal products, concrete products, plastic products, wood products, glass fiber products and other materials. It is resistant to the corrosion of various chemicals, oils, seawater, etc. It has a good effect on the repair of various chemical professional pipelines, heating pipelines, and lime slurry pipelines for desulfurization in power plants.

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