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General inspection content of steel pipe fittings on construction site
Date:2020-07-15      Views:269Time      Label:General inspection content of steel pipe fittings on construction site

1. Steel pipes and fittings must have a certificate of conformity from the manufacturer.


2. Steel tubes and pipe fittings should be checked for their specifications, materials and models according to the design requirements before use.


3. Steel tubes and pipe fittings shall be visually inspected before use, and the surface shall be required:

a. No defects such as cracks, shrinkage holes, slag inclusions, folding, heavy skin, etc.;

b. Corrosion or depression shall not exceed the negative deviation of wall thickness;

c. The thread seal is good, and the accuracy and roughness meet the design requirements;

d. Alloy steel pipes and fittings should be marked with materials.


4. Alloy steel pipes and prefabricated components should be re-examined by spectral analysis or other methods before use, and make a record.


5. In addition to austenitic stainless steel, steel pipes with a temperature lower than 20°C shall have low-temperature impact toughness test results, and their indexes shall not be lower than the lower limit of the specified value.