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Main pipe installation of stainless steel welded pipe
Date:2021-10-12      Views:78Time      Label:Main pipe installation of stainless steel welded pipe

(1) General pipe welding should use manual argon arc welding to ensure the inside of the pipe is clean; a cutting wheel cutter should be used when cutting.

(2) When the wall thickness of the pipe does not exceed 4 mm, the groove may not be opened. When welding, there should be a gap of 2-3mm between the two pipes; when it is greater than 4mm, a single-sided or V-shaped groove should be opened. The mouth angle is about 65 degrees, and there should be a gap of 2-3 mm between the two tubes when welding.

(3) When the pipe groups are opposite, the inner and outer walls should be flush, and the total amount of unaligned edges should not exceed 2 mm.

(4) When installing the pipeline, the deviation per meter does not exceed 1mm, and the deviation of the total length should not exceed 10mm.

(5) Pipeline hangers and hangers should be made of angle steel for on-site treatment to control the quality of the bracket.

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