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Russia plans to build a new natural gas pipeline to China
Date:2020-05-27      Views:303Time      Label:Russia plans to build a new natural gas pipeline to China that can supply 4 million tons of LNG to China in one year

Due to the need for technical maintenance, the second and third production lines of the "Yamal LNG Project" jointly constructed by China, Russia, France and other countries will be shut down alternately from May 21 to June 15 for 12-day technical maintenance. It is reported that after the project is fully completed, it can supply 4 million tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to China in one year, which greatly protects China's natural gas demand.


However, although the China-Russian natural gas project suddenly announced that it will shut down alternately, there are two production lines in operation for each production line technical maintenance. However, in order to increase natural gas exports to China, Russia still plans to build a new natural gas export pipeline to China.


According to the news of the Russian Satellite News Agency on the evening of May 18, the president of Gazprom said that the company has started the survey and design work for the "Siberian Power-2" pipeline, and will also re-plan a new pipeline on the basis of the pipeline. An export channel to China that transits Mongolia and has a transport capacity of up to 50 billion cubic meters.


The "Siberian Power-2" plan for the new natural gas pipeline to China will also further increase the efficiency and scale of Russian natural gas exports to China. According to the original plan, after the completion of the "Siberian Power", the total scale of natural gas passing through the pipeline will reach 38 billion cubic meters per year. The number of "Siberian Power-2" and the increase of new pipelines is likely to double.


In recent years, China has been pursuing an energy transformation strategy. As one of the clean energy sources, natural gas is more conducive to environmental protection than coal and other resources. However, the cost of natural gas pipelines is high, so it is necessary to ensure the reliability of natural gas supply. Russia is the country with the richest natural gas resources in the world. Cooperation between the two sides can achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.