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Steel makes our lives better
Date:2019-07-19      Views:248Time      Label:Steel makes our lives better
A few days ago, the World Steel Association released a message saying that from the perspective of the life cycle, the environmental characteristics of steel are underestimated.

Indeed, on the surface, the steel industry is a highly energy-intensive and resource-intensive industry. Therefore, it has long been defined by the public as a “high-energy, high-emission, high-pollution” industry, which leads to the realization of energy-saving emission reduction and green development. It is necessary to suppress the one-sided conclusions of the development of the steel industry. But in fact, steel is the cornerstone of the world's economic development, and it is also an indispensable foundation material in people's lives. Especially based on the concept of life cycle, its strength, formability and service life are superior to other materials. With strong recyclability, it will provide important support for promoting and realizing circular economy.

The steel industry, and the whole society, need to re-recognize steel from the perspective of life cycle, and look at how the new era of steel, which has long been ignored and misunderstood, can promote global sustainable development and make our lives better.