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Submarine pipeline
Date:2020-04-03      Views:99Time      Label:Submarine pipeline

Submarine pipeline is a pipeline that continuously transports a large amount of oil (gas) on the seabed through closed pipelines. It is the main component of the development and production system of offshore oil (gas) fields.


The advantage of submarine pipelines is that they can be transported continuously, hardly affected by environmental conditions, and will not force the oilfield to reduce or stop production due to the limitation of the capacity of offshore oil storage facilities or the untimely receipt of shuttle tankers. Therefore, the oil transportation efficiency is high and the oil transportation capacity is large. In addition, the submarine pipeline has a short construction period, fast production, convenient management and low operating costs.


The disadvantage is that the pipeline is located on the sea floor, and most of them need to be buried in the seabed soil to a certain depth, which is difficult to inspect and maintain. Some pipe sections (especially risers) in the tidal range or wave breaking zone are greatly affected by wind, waves, ice, etc , Sometimes it may be damaged by floating objects and ships hitting or anchoring in the sea.