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What are the detection methods for the causes of oil and gas pipeline leaks?
Date:2020-04-15      Views:125Time      Label:What are the detection methods for the causes of oil and gas pipeline leaks?

For large and sudden pipeline leakage accidents such as pipe explosion and breakage, due to the sudden pressure loss of the pipeline, it can generally be found in time, but on-site inspection is required to determine the specific location. For small leaks, leak detection technology is required. Leak detection technologies include offline detection and online monitoring.


Off-line inspection is a patrol inspection along the pipeline in a specified period or as required. It can be inspected on foot, by car, or by special aircraft. Leaks were found through observation of the ground surface, instrument detection or infrared imaging technology. Because the detection is not carried out from time to time, this method generally cannot be found in time after the leak occurs.


On-line monitoring is to use the leak monitoring system specially installed on the pipeline to dynamically monitor the pipeline, capture the leak information at the moment of the leak, issue an alarm and quickly determine the leak location through the computer.


Oil and gas pipeline leaks not only cause oil and gas losses, but also pollute the environment, and may even cause fires, explosions and other accidents. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the safe operation of pipelines.