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What kind of welding is needed for A105 pipe fittings
Date:2020-12-21      Views:206Time      Label:What kind of welding is needed for A105 pipe fittings

1. Suitable welding rods for pipe fittings made of A105: structural steel welding rods, such as J426 and J427 welding rods.


2. A105 is the American ASTM standard number, and A stands for ordinary carbon structural steel. Standard name: Carbon steel forgings for pipe parts. Because this standard only specifies one type of carbon steel forgings, A105 has also considered a carbon steel grade for forgings. A105 is also a material code, which belongs to special steel, which is a kind of cold-forged steel. A105 is a low carbon steel forging, similar to 20 steel.


3. Ordinary carbon structural steel is also called ordinary carbon steel. Carbon content is 0.06-0.22%, with less than 0.25% most commonly used. It belongs to low-carbon steel, and each metal grade indicates the yield point of the steel when the thickness is less than 16mm. Compared with high-quality carbon steel, it has wider restrictions on carbon content, performance range, and content of phosphorus, sulfur, and other residual elements. According to the guarantee conditions of delivery, my country and some countries divide ordinary carbon steel into three categories: Class A steel (Class A steel), which only guarantees mechanical properties and does not guarantee chemical composition, Class B steel (Class B steel), Only the chemical composition is guaranteed, but the mechanical properties are not guaranteed; the special steel (Class C steel) guarantees both the chemical composition and the mechanical properties. Special steel is often used to manufacture more important structural parts.