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Why Q345 small diameter seamless steel pipe is widely used?
Date:2020-04-29      Views:300Time      Label:Why Q345 small diameter seamless steel pipe is widely used?

The so-called small-diameter seamless steel tubes are only called small-diameter tubes when the caliber is less than 76mm. Q345 refers to the material of steel pipe. Because of its convenient construction, it has been widely used in transportation, management and maintenance. Precision seamless steel tubes are widely used. The general-purpose seamless steel tubes are rolled from ordinary carbon structural steel, low-alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel, with the largest output, and are mainly used as pipes for conveying fluids or structural parts.


Advantages of Q345 seamless steel pipe:

1. Low investment, short construction period and fast construction speed;


2. Low energy consumption, low operating cost and low transportation cost;


3. Due to the limitation of terrain conditions, it is easy to overcome the obstacles of natural terrain;


4. It can realize continuous transportation;


5. Because most of the long-distance slurry pipelines are buried in frozen layers, they do not occupy or occupy less cultivated land, are less affected by climate change, do not pollute the environment, and do not destroy the ecological balance;


6. Can greatly reduce the construction workload, reduce management personnel and auxiliary production facilities;


7. Easy to realize automatic control, easy to maintain and manage.