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Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe
Date:2018-06-21      Views:323Time      Label:Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe      

Alloy steel seamless pipe is a kind of seamless steel pipe, its performance much higher than the general seamless steel pipe, because it containing higher Cr with high temperature and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, so the alloy pipe widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, boiler and other industries

Alloy tube material

12Cr1MoV, P22 (10CrMo910) T91, P91, P9, T9, WB36, Cr5Mo (P5, STFA25, T5,) 15CrMo (P11, P12, STFA22), 13CrMo44, Cr5Mo, 15CrMo, 25CrMo, 30CrMo, 40CrMo.

Implementation of national standards

DIN17175-79, JISG3467-88, JISG3458-88, GB5310-95, GB9948-88, ASTMA335 / A335m, ASTMA213 / A213m.

ASME SA210 - American Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

ASME SA213 - American Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

DIN17175 - German industrial standard

GB / T8162-2008 ---- Chinese national standard

GB / T8163-2008 ---- Chinese national standard

GB / T6479-2000 ---- Chinese national standard

GB / T9948-2006 ---- Chinese national standard

GB5310-2008 - Chinese National Standard

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