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Characteristics of Seamless Steel Pipe
Date:2017-04-18      Views:622Time      Label:seamless steel pipe, characteristics of SMLS      

Seamless steel pipe for the use of engineering and construction is very widely, it is a hollow steel strip no seams, it is mainly used to transport liquids pipelines, different look and general steel,one of those heavy type steel, it has a strong resistance to corrosion, resistant to general corrosion. Will not rust, this performance makes seamless steel tubes extend the life, the most important is that it is very clean and no toxins.

Compared with other plastic seamless steel pipe having strong mechanical resistance, impact regardless of how high a temperature is not interested in the use of seamless steel pipe, it is mounted and the other pipe is the same, can replace other piped water and other liquids.

Characteristics of seamless steel pipe are as follows:

high precision can do small batch production.

smaller diameter.

weldability strong, high compression capability.

steel pipe superior performance, relatively dense metal.

Steel Cross area is more complex.

high precision cold drawn products, good surface quality.