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Heating Temperature Control of Seamless Steel Pipe
Date:2018-06-29      Views:350Time      Label:Heating Temperature Control of Seamless Steel Pipe      

Seamless steel pipe is rolled metal blank, seamless steel pipe through the die drawing into section reduced length increased processing method, are mostly used for cold working, and the metal is put in the sealed container, pressure is applied to one end, whereby the metal extruder with a same shape and size of the finished die hole in a predetermined processing method, which is extruded. In this way, when the production of non-ferrous steel sheet multi.

In the case of smelting strict control, there may be delamination defects in seamless steel pipe, which controls the pipe to improve the plasticity and toughness, and improve the cleanliness of the steel, while reducing the harmful impurities. To reduce osteoporosis center segregation and center on the need to increase the proportion of equiaxed slab, only to take reasonable cooling system to be able to avoid cracks inside the slab, billet or rolling off the assembly line for coarse blanks to take the slow cooling process, reducing internal stress, the only way to ensure that the organization billets and finished pipe, and mechanical properties meet technical standards.

Curve by measuring a thermoplastic seamless steel pipes to select the best heating temperature, but also sufficient to note holding time, which will reduce the plastic deformation resistance and toughness increase and decrease the speed of the roll, because the roll piercing process and the key parameter is the speed of the roll from low to high, and when the lower roll speed of the tube is easy to form a cavity, when the high speed of the roll is very easy to form a layered defects, if you want to eliminate and capillary tube defects layered, seamless steel pipe should be reduced speed to start the roll layered appeared less critical roll speed.

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