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Internal and External Anti-corrosion Pipeline Coating
Date:2017-06-13      Views:611Time      Label:pipeline coating, anti-corrosion pipeline coating      

The internal and external area of the pipe can both be corrosive because of different factors. The external pipeline corrosion can mainly due to the surroundings, such as acid soil, wet conditions and so on. Factors that lead to internal corrosion are the oxygen content, temperature, pressure and flow rate of the liquid carried in the pipelines. Due to the above reasons, the anti-corrosive pipeline coating can be put into two corresponding categories, the internal and external corrosion-resistant coating.

Internal anti-corrosion coating

Oil and gas liquid carried by the pipelines contains various chemical solid particles, some of which dissolve in the fluid while some remain. Those chemical particles remaining in the fluid travel in the pipe at a high speed, therefore, the internal coating is supposed to withstand friction caused by the fast moving particles. Besides, the internal coating material is expected to have a low surface roughness, thus, increasing the flow efficiency and capacity.

External Anti-corrosion Coating

As is mentioned above, pipelines are installed in diverse environment, thus, external coating is supposed to maintain functioning well no matter in hot deserts, in wet offshore conditions, or in acid chemical surroundings.

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