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Scopes of API
Date:2018-06-22      Views:327Time      Label:Scopes of API      

API, abbreviation of American Petroleum Institute, founded in 1919, it’s the largest trade association of the oil and gas industry in America. According to API, oil and natural gas industry can have the reference standards about its industry due to the main contribution of API is to define and draft standards to qualify the oil and petrol industry according to the legislation and environment requirements. And the standards are designed to help the company improve the efficiency and have the cost effectiveness, simultaneously, it’s a restraint for company to produce higher quality products which ensures the quality and reliability of the industrial equipment so that the customers can have good purchasing experiences. So far, API is one of the most popular and successful files which contribute to the standardization of oil and petrol production. Therefore, the products comply with API specification are considered as highly qualified and customers can purchase relieved.

Until now, almost all the oil and natural gas industry products are comply with the API standards. They are active in API standardization. The file covers all the procedures of oil and gas industry, for example, exploration and production, refining, marketing and transporting. And different specifications are suitable for different products.

Apart from oil and natural gas industry, API also provides standards for vessel design and fabrication to help protect the environments all over the world and the lives of people.

Moreover, API also drafts standards for measurement of manufactured products such as:

Precision thread gauges

Plain plug and ring gauges

Thread measuring systems

Metrology and industrial supplies

Measuring instruments

Custom gauges

Precision machining and grinding

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