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The Bending Processing and Features of 304 Stainless Steel Plate
Date:2018-06-27      Views:386Time      Label:The Bending Processing and Features of 304 Stainless Steel Plate      

304 stainless steel can fight a fire under normal temperature processing, easy to plastic processing, with its beauty surface, the using diversification, good corrosion resistant performance ,long durable than ordinary steel , resistant to high temperature oxidation and high intensity, It doesn’t need to surface treatment, so simple maintenance, cleaning, finish high welding performance is good.

The main difference between 316 steel pipe and 304 steel pipe on the chemical composition is that 316 contains Mo, and it is generally believed that 316 has better corrosion resistance than 304 under the high temperature environment .So engineers typically select 316 material components under the high temperature environment.But under the environment of sulfuric acid and high temperature ,engineers can’t use 316 .

The features of 304 stainless steel plate when bending as follows:

1. Poor thermal conductivity than normal low carbon steel, low elongation,so the deformation force bigger;

2. Stainless steel sheet has strong springback tendency compared with carbon steel when bending

3. Because of the low elongation,stainless steel plate artifacts corner R than carbon steel when bending , or may be cracked;

4. Because of the high hardness of 304 stainless steel plate, cold work hardening effect significantly, so when choosing bending tool,we should choose tools which heat treatment hardness can reach more than 60 HRC , the surface roughness is higher than carbon steel bending tools.

5. According to the features above, generally in unit size, the plate is thicker, the bending force is bigger ,and with increase of thickness in choosing bending force of bending equipment allowance should be bigger;In Unit size, the tensile strength is larger , elongation rate is smaller, the required bending force is larger, fold the corners should be bigger.