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The effect of cold work hardening of precision steel pipes
Date:2020-07-08      Views:284Time      Label:The effect of cold work hardening of precision steel pipes

The strength and hardness of the precision seamless steel tube material increase, the plastic deformation re-crystallization temperature increases, but the plasticity and toughness decrease. Also known as cold work hardening. The reason is that during the plastic deformation of the precision seamless steel tube, grain slip, dislocation tangling, grain slenderness, crushing and fibrillation, as well as the residual stress generated by the internal precision seamless steel tube. Compared with the hardness of quenching, it usually indicates the degree of surface treatment and the depth of the hardened layer.


Cold work hardening is a method of strengthening precision seamless steel tubes and alloys by processing methods, and then cold stamping process can be carried out, which is conducive to the formation and processing of stainless steel tubes. Alloy gold is not suitable for strengthening by heat treatment.


Rolling and shot peening after cold drawing can significantly improve the surface strength of precision seamless steel tube materials, parts and components. This part of the stress, usually the local stress that exceeds the yield limit of the material, is caused by plastic deformation. The development of plastic deformation due to the limitation of work hardening can improve the safety of the parts. Precision seamless steel pipe parts are strengthened by stamping and plastic deformation, and transferred to the deformation of the surrounding unhardened parts. By repeating alternating cold stamping in this way, a uniform cross-section can be obtained.


Cold work hardening of precision seamless steel tubes can improve the cutting performance of low carbon steel, and the cutting is easy to separate. But the work of precision seamless steel tubes is further difficult to harden. For example, due to work hardening of cold-drawn steel wire, further energy-consuming spray paint is even destroyed. Work hardening must be eliminated by intermediate annealing and then stretched. When cutting the surface layer of a hard and brittle workpiece, the cutting speed of the cutting force is increased, the tool wears, etc.

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