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Ways to Identify the Quality of SA 213 Boiler Tube
Date:2018-07-03      Views:427Time      Label:Ways to Identify the Quality of SA 213 Boiler Tube      

It is important to know the quality of thing that you are going to purchase, here we are going to introduce some simple quality identification methods of SA 213 boiler tube.

First, low quality SA 213 boiler tube prone to fold. Folding is a variety of polylines formed by the surface of the SA 213 boiler tube, which often runs through the longitudinal direction of the entire product. The reason for the folding is due to the high efficiency of the poor manufacturers, the amount of pressure is too large, resulting in the ear, the next rolling to produce folding, folding products will crack after bending, SA 213 boiler tube strength decreased.

Second, poor quality SA 213 boiler tube surface prone to scarring. There are two reasons:

1. Poor SA 213 boiler tube material is not uniform, more impurities.

2. Poor quality manufacturers guide guide equipment simple, easy to sticky steel, these impurities are easy to produce scar after the bite roll.

Third, poor quality SA 213 boiler tube without metallic luster, pale or similar pig iron color, there are two reasons:

1, Its blank is adobe.

2, The poor quality of the rolling material is not standard, their steel temperature is through the visual, so that can not be required according to the provisions of the austenite rolling, SA 213 boiler tube performance can not be achieved.

Fourth, low-quality boiler tube cross-section was oval, because the manufacturers in order to save the material, the first roll of the first roll is too large, the strength of this rebar greatly reduced, and does not meet the size of rebar The standard.

Five, low quality SA 213 boiler tube appearance is often numb phenomenon. The incontinence is due to the serious irregularity of the surface of the SA 213 boiler tube due to the wear of the groove. Due to poor quality SA 213 boiler tube manufacturers to pursue profits, often rolling rolling the most standard.

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