​Use scope and characteristics of hot dip plastic steel pipe

Hot-dipped plastic composite steel pipes are suitable for coal mine gas extraction, ventilation systems, fire water supply systems, central air-conditioning HVAC circulating water pipes, industrial water supply and drainage, domestic water supply and drainage, gas and other gas transmission, power threading, chemical transportation pipelines, and seawater range of processing tubes

Hot dip plastic steel pipe features:

1. Excellent antistatic performance of hot-dipped plastic steel pipe: by adding the antistatic agent to the formula, the internal and external surface resistance is ≤1×10?Ω to meet the relevant national industry standards.

2. Flame retardant properties of hot-dipped plastic steel pipes: the plastic raw materials used in the product are added with flame retardants. Its flame retardant performance index conforms to the national standard, and its steel-plastic composite structure has better flame retardant performance than pure plastic pipes and is suitable for underground flammable and explosive places.

3. Strong adhesion of hot-dipped plastic steel pipe coating: the surface of the steel pipe is specially treated, the process is cured, and the coating adhesion is ≥30N/10mm.

4. Dense inner and outer resin layers: the thickness of the coating is more than 0.5 mm, there is no pinhole, and it has excellent corrosion resistance.

5. Superior mechanical properties of hot-dipped plastic steel pipes: can withstand harsh conditions of use: good coating toughness, the high mechanical strength of steel pipes, strong ability to withstand external influences such as impact bending, and performance is much better than other mining plastics tubing.

6. The hot-dipped plastic steel pipe is corrosion-resistant, non-scaling, and has low fluid resistance: corrosion-resistant, non-scaling, especially suitable for transporting high-sulfur water quality and water containing calcium and magnesium ions underground, saving maintenance costs and having a long service life Much higher than other pipes, the comprehensive economic benefit is high.

7. Self-lubricating property: the inner wall is smooth without scaling, and the conveying resistance is small. Under the same conditions, the conveying capacity can be increased by 30%.

8. Easy and reliable connection

Post time: Apr-25-2023