ASTM A178 Tube

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Type: ERW steel pipe, welded steel pipe
Specification: OD: 12.7-127mm. WT: 1.5-6.0mm. L.: 6-25m
Standard: ASTM A178, ASME SA178
Grade: Grade A, Grade C, Grade D
Technique: Electric-Resistance-Welded
Delivery Condition: Annealed, Normalized, Tempered, Heat Treatment, BK, BKS, BKW, NBK, GBK
Surface Treatment: Varnish
Ends: Plain End, Beveled End, Threaded Protected With Plastic Caps

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What is ASTM A178 Steel Pipe?

ASTM A178/A178M steel pipe, ASME SA178/SA178M steel pipe is the standard applicable to electric-resistance-welded carbon steel and carbon manganese steel boilers and superheater tubes.

ASTM A178 Standard covers minimum-wall-thickness, electric-resistance-welded tubes made of carbon steel and carbon-manganese steel intended for use as boiler tubes, boiler flues, superheater flues, and safe ends.

SA178 steel tubing sizes and thicknesses usually furnished to this specification are 12 to 5 in. [12.7 to 127 mm] in outside diameter and 0.035 to 0.360 in. [0.9 to 9.1 mm], inclusive, in minimum wall thickness. Tubing having other dimensions may be furnished, provided such tubes comply with all other requirements of this specification.

Chemical Compositions of ASTM A178 Steel Pipe(%)

Element Grade A, Grade C, Grade D
Low-Carbon Steel Medium-Carbon Steel Carbon-Manganese Steel
Carbon 0.06-0.18 0.35max 0.27max
Manganese 0.27-0.63 0.08max 1.00-1.50
Phosphorus, max 0.035 0.035 0.03
Sulfur, max 0.035 0.035 0.015
Silicon 0.01 min

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A178 Steel Pipe

Grade A Grade C Grade D
Tensile strength, min, ksi [MPa] 47[325] 60[415] 70[485]
Yield strength, min, ksi [MPa] 26[180] 37[255] 40[275]
Elongation in 2 in. or 50mm, min, % 35 30 30
For longitudinal strip tests a deduction for 1.50A 1.50A 1.50A
Each1⁄32-in[0.8mm] decrease in wall thickness below 5⁄16in. [8mm]      
From the basic minimum elongation of the following percentage points shall be made    

Outside Diameter and Wall thickness Tolerance of ASTM A178 Steel Pipe

Outside Diameter tolerance Wall thickness tolerance
OD < 50 ±0.05mm S < 4mm ±12.5%
OD > 50 ±1% 4–20mm +15/-12.5%
    S≥20mm ±12.5%

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  • Manufacturing Process of ASTM A178 Steel Pipe


    Application of ASTM A178 Steel Pipe

    - Heating pipelines
    - Containers
    - Coal-saving devices
    - Superheaters
    - Arch superheated tube
    - Airway tube

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