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Product: Water Well Drill Pipe,Oil And Gas Drill Pipe

Tread types: REG,  IF ,FH , NC.
Specification: OD: 60.32mm ~ 168.28mm; WT: 7.11mm ~ 9.19mm; LENGTH: R1, R2, R3
Standard: API 5DP E 75/X 95/G 105/S 135
GradeE75, X95, G105, S135 ..
Uses: For conveying gas, water and oil either in the oil or natural gas industries.
Packing: Protection Caps in Both End, Waterproof Paper Wrapped, Two Tags.

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What is the drill pipe?

A drill pipe is a hardwearing seamless pipe that is rotated to circulate the drilling fluid. This pipe is useful for pumping back the drilling fluid back up the annulus. The annulus is the space in the oil well between the casing and the piping. Easy circulation of the fluid within the well is possible because of the Annulus. The drill pipe is subject to axial tension since high torque is required for rotating the down-hole assembly drilling the fluid and circulating it. The OCTG drill pipe needs to be extremely strong as they have to bear a high amount of stress underground. The drill pipe is used at the drilling rigs and they are available in different sizes and different qualities. OCTG drill pipe needs to be sturdy and meet the standards of API 5DP and API SPEC 7-1.

Chemical Composition of Drill Pipe(%)


Chemical composition















Tool joint



Mechanical Properties of Drill Pipe

Pipe body Grade Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation Hardness Full-size Charpy impact test(J)
min max min min
Psi MPa Psi MPa Psi MPa HBW HRC Average Single
E75 75000 517 105000 724 100000 689 625000A


- - 80 65
X95 95000 655 125000 862 105000 724 - - 80 65
G105 105000 724 135000 931 115000 793 - - 80 65
S135 135000 931 165000 1138 145000 1000 - - 80 65
Weld zone Tool joint 120000 827.4 - - 140000 965.3 0.13 285 - 80 65
E75 75000 517 - - 100000 689 - ?37 40 27
X95 88000 609 - - 103000 712 - ?37 40 27
G105 95000 655 - - 105000 724 - ?37 40 27
S135 105000 724 - - 115000 ?37 40 27

Drill Collars are integral heavy-wall joints that are manufactured from a solid bar of modified alloy steel. The solid bars are quenched and tempered to obtain the required mechanical properties, then trepanned, drifted, and threaded. Drill collars are furnished as slick or spiraled in 30 or 31-foot lengths.

Slick drill collars are supplied with the mill as-rolled surface finish. Spiraled drill collars have grooves machined on the outside surface. The spiral grooves promote an even flow of drilling fluid around the collar diameter, equalizing pressure and reducing the occurrence of differential sticking.

Connection of Drill Pipe

Tubing drill pipe ensure thread connections of various kinds including the following categories,

•Integral connections
•Extreme line
•Integral thread seal connections
•VAM premium connections
•Integral metal seal connections
•Coupled connections
•API (STC and LTC)
•Threaded connections

Types of Drill Pipe

Standard drill pipes are long tubular sections of pipe that make up the majority of the drill string. They are typically a 31-foot-long section of tubular pipe but may be anywhere from 18 to 45 feet in length.

Heavy-weight drill pipe (HWDP) is a tubular pipe that adds weight or acts as a transitional piece in the drill string. As a transitional section of the drill string, it is placed between the drill collar and the standard drill pipe to reduce fatigue failures. In other applications, the HWDP is used as an additional weight to weigh down the drill string.

Drill collars are a component of the drill string that makes up part of the BHA. They are thicker-walled, heavier, and more rigid than drill pipes and are primarily used to weigh down the drill bit while dampening vibration and impact forces.

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    Application of  Dirll Pipe 

    Oil drill pipe is widely used in oil exploration, oil production, seismic exploration, geological research and cement reinforcement of well wall and other fields. Especially in the field of oil exploration, oil drill pipe is one of the indispensable tools.In short, oil drill pipe is a very important petroleum engineering tool, it can help human explore the potential of oil and other resources, improve the output of resources, and make important contributions to economic and social development.


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