H Beam

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Standard: JIS / ASTM / EN / BS / AS Standard
Grades: Q235, SS400, SS490, ASTM A36 / A572 Gr.50, S235JR / S275JR / S355JR / S450J0, 250 / 300 / 350 / 400
DX52D / DX53D / S280GD / S320GD / S350GD
Size: 100mm*100mm—900mm*300mm
W6-W30 / HP8-HP14
HEA HEB HEM 100-1000 / HEAA 120-800
IPE 180-550
UB 203*102-686*254 / UC 152*152-358*368 / UP 203*203-356*368

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H-beam steel is a type of structural steel beam. It is named H-beam steel because of the capital H shape over its cross section with equal thickness in the two parallel flanges with no taper on the inside surface. H-beam with a competitive price is a versatile product that is commonly utilized in different kinds of structural applications.

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H metal beam steel is known for being incredibly strong.

An H-beam can be built up, which means it may be built up to any size or height, making it an ideal material for construction.


There are many product specifications of H-beams, and the classification methods are as follows.

(1) According to the flange width of the product, it is divided into wide flange, medium flange and narrow flange H-beams. The flange width B of wide flange and medium flange H-beam is greater than or equal to the web height H. The flange width B of narrow flange H-beam is approximately equal to one-half of the web height H. The flange width of narrow flange H-beam is approximately equal to the web height H.

(2) According to the product use, it is divided into H-beam, H-beam column, H-beam pile, and very thick flange H-beam. Sometimes parallel-legged channels and parallel-flange T-beams are also included in the range of H-beams. Generally, narrow flange H-beam is used as beam material, and wide flange H-beam is used as column material, according to which there are beam H-beam and column H-beam.

(3) According to the production method, it is divided into welded H-beam and rolled H-beam.

(4) According to the size specification, it is divided into large, medium and small size H-beams. Usually, the products with web height H above 700mm are called large, 300-700mm are called medium, and those less than 300mm are called small. By the end of 1990, the world's largest H-beam web height of 1200mm and flange width of 530mm.

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