The continuous rolling process of straight seam steel pipe

The continuous rolling process of straight seam steel pipe: the continuous rolling process of straight seam steel pipe, continuous rolling process is used in the continuous rolling and fixed diameter reduction process of steel pipe. Continuous steel pipe rolling is a process in which steel pipes and mandrels move together in multiple racks. The deformation and movement of steel pipes are simultaneously affected by the joint action of rolls and mandrels. The mandrel can be free-floating, that is, it is driven forward by the metal; it can also be limited, that is, the mandrel is given a movement speed to limit its free movement. During the movement, the mandrel, the roll, and the steel pipe are connected as a whole, and the change of any one of them will cause a change in the state of the whole system. The continuous rolling theory is the theory of studying the relationship between them.

The kinematic phenomenon of steel pipe continuous rolling: 1. Kinematic phenomenon; 2. Slip phenomenon; 3. Tension coefficient.

Analysis of the motion state of continuous rolling tubes: 1. Displacement relationship between the rolled piece and mandrel; 2. Rack and its determination; 3. Intermittent rolling analysis; 4. Movement characteristics of the single rolling mandrel.

Deformation and stress in continuous rolling of steel pipes: 1. Internal stress analysis of continuous rolling pipes; 2. Analysis of side wall deformation and stress.

Post time: Apr-17-2023

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